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Coming straight from the South Side Alley Ways of the Windy City in Chicago,
we are proud & extremely excited to introduce our vibrant vocalist “ONE COOL CAT”.
Calm, Cool, Collective.
This Charismatic CAT is our Clever Lyrical Composer. 

Before joining Power Animals the CAT used to be the Vocal Force in the Local Neighborhood 80’s Cover Band called the COPY CATS who copied CAT ACTS such as: Motley CATS, DeaF LEOPARD, CATS n Roses, WHiTe LiON, CAT Halen, and John COUGAR Mellow CAT. Their biggest crowd pleaser was
CAT Scratch Fever by CAT Nugent.

ONE COOL CAT then went on to front a METALLiCAts Tribute Band dedicated to his favorite CAT METAL ACT called The METAL CATS. This METAL CAT is proud to say he knows the lyrics to every METALLiCAts song by heART.

All the while singin’ cover songs in the alleyways the CAT also worked on composing original music which is the COOL CATS ONE true Creative Passion. Early in his career he wrote every poetic note on a Solo Rap Project called L.L. COOL LION. 
The COOL CAT then went on to form original HEAVY CaT METAL bands such as:

Clean Cut & well groomed, this CAT leads an ACTIVE lifestyle & workouts on a regular basis maintaining a muscular figure. Fit & trim with CAT like reflexes this CAT likes to play CATch and prefers to drink protein shakes with MILK. 

Classically trained on Acoustic Guitar ONE COOL CAT also provides
Rhythm Guitar tracks for the Big Bad Wolfs’ Blazing Guitar Leads. 

This CAT has got his ACT together.


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