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On Double Bass Drums “MAD RaGIN’ BULL” delivers
a Healthy Dose of BULL to the Power Animals Band.
A veteran drummer he has jammed in many big label BULL Bands.  He started early on playing in a BLUES BULL band called BEEF STEW. His first major original ROCK n BULL Band was called BULLS EYE.  Tired and angry with BAND BULL, he then went on to start a PUNK COW Band called MAD COW.  Then later joined Heavy METAL BULL Bands such as

His NO BULL approach to the rhythm section is all BuSiness. In BULL school he majored in the BuSiness of BULL, graduating with a “B.A. in B.S.” degree which is a
Bachelor of Arts in Business Sciences
from the BULL State University.

Out of college he worked as a STOCK Trader for the investment firm BEARS & STEeRN where he was knee deep in the money PiTS.  The MAD BULL invested in Gold BULLion and traded on the MEAT MARKET where he lost a $HiT Load of Ca$H when the STOCK market crashed.

The BULLS’ FULL time day job made him so DAM--MAD that he QUIT the Corporate World to join the Power Animals World. One day he realized he was just
a Corporate BULL workin’ in the Corporate BULL.

To relieve the stress of daily BULL he wrestles, works out with Heavy Weights and plays Basketball.  His favorite sports team is the Chicago BULLs.

He also exercised on his BiKe as a KiD when he delivered the local newspaper
“The Daily BULL”
which is FULL of BULL and filled with advertising fodder.

In his wild early days he worked in the rodeo where he was a STAR Studded STEER and MOOn-lighted at night as a male stripper for the “Chipen-BULL” Dancers where he quickly picked up the nick-name BEEF.

FULL of Piercings and Tattoos this BULL is FULL of COOL Ink on every inch of his
LOVE a BULL sun-tanned reddened hide.

To blow off steam he enjoys drinkin’ RED BULL spiked with Vodka & Gin.

A Bettin’ BULL he loves to Play High STEAKS Poker.


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