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Silent and mysterious the Big Bad Wolf is the
Visionary Founder & Creative Force behind the concept of the Power Animals. 

Not much is known about the Wolfs’ past since he barely ever speaks and when he does talk the Wolf lets his guitar do the talking.  Leader of the Pack the Rocking Wolf is the Guitar Wizard driving the Power Animals Heavy Metallic Sound.  Classic POWER chords built on blazing guitar leads are all part of the WOLFS’ Trademark
“RoCK n RaWR” guitar sound ™.

The LONE WOLF is a classically trained canine musician. Fluent & well versed in blues, classical, and rock, built on a heavy metal foundation.  The Wolfs’ playing is precise & technical, yet able to evoke strong emotional reactions that are ultimately expressive.   The Quick Pickin’ Wolf plays both acoustic & electric guitars.  Interchanging and mixing styles flawlessly to create a new form of POWER METAL for the ANIMALS. 

As a young virtuoso the Big Bad Wolf showcased his guitar skills on his LONE WOLF SOLO instrumental project titled “WOLF TRAX” which was featured in “GUITAR for the practicing ANIMAL” Magazine.    Shredding it up on the guitar fret board the Lead WOLF explored his HEAVY METAL side in WOLF METAL Bands such as:

The BiG BaD WoLF also played in the Legendary ROCK n RAWR band known as “WOLF-GANG” where he co-wrote the Canine Classic hit song called – “BARK at the MOON”.  For a very brief period the Big Bad Wolf also JAMMED in a HAM Band called the “3 LITTLE PIGS” which was a short lived Gig for the Pigs when the Wolf got really hungry after the jam and ate the Band.   Smoked Ham with Jam.

WITTY, the Wolf enjoys Words with WIT.

ARTiSTiC ONE the WOLF is also a classically trained visual artist and studied Animal Art & Animation at the Animal Academy of Art – AAA.   As a result the music he composes
is both visual and animated. Triple A Music.

In darkness the Lone Wolf meditates.  Alive inside his mind the Wolfs’ creative imagination lights up as he explores his inner world.  Once awake in the outer world, his inner visions manifest thru his art & music.

Enlightened, educated and extremely intelligent the Witty Wolf excelled in mathematics.  At the Mystery schools he was taught the essence of the Trivium & Quadrivium.  He majored in Music of the Spheres and Sacred Geometry which is the basis of his Geometric & Mathematical Musical Compositions.


From fast guitar picking to even faster cars, the Wolf is always on the run and has a need for speed.  

Pedal to the METAL.  

ONE lean mean fighting machine the WOLF likes to stay limber & agile.  Eating in the ZONE the Wolf enjoys a sensible Low Fat diet and prefers Chinese Food after chewin’ on some Bones.  Adventurous the Big Bad Wolf enjoys hunting prey and during the day exercises by chasing cats. At twilight he enjoys going for a midnight run, rock Climbing and howling at the moon.  oWoo

A Mixed Martial Arts and weapons expert the WOLF is rumored to have been a hired assassin – but that information is confidential and has never been actually confirmed since no animal was alive on the scene to verify the incident. 

Suffice it to say the BIG BAD WOLF has a Mysterious past
with more questions than answers???

Enigmatic & Electrifying the Big Bad Wolf - HoWLs & RaWRs on Strings.

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